Launching Mobile Frameworks to build MOBILE APPLICATIONS in AWS Marketplace

We at Global Solutions are laser focused on helping customers onboard and manage their application and services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. We help customers along their journey onto AWS Cloud: planning, building POCs, deploying software and applications, supporting ongoing security management and helping customers scale their infrastructure cost-effectively while expanding on AWS.

For customers to perform quick POCs and build test environment on AWS, we have released Web Applications and Database stacks listings for AWS Marketplace. Our list of stacks offered in AWS Marketplace can be viewed at The Globalsolutions
In addition to application and database stacks we are releasing mobile framework listings as AMIs in AWS Marketplace.

Our mobile framework/platform listings include Apache Cordova, Phonegap, and Ionic. View these solutions at "The Globalsolutions Mobile in AWS Marketplace". These packaged AMIs in AWS Marketplace help developers deploy a pre-configured mobile framework stack to quickly begin building, developing and testing their mobile applications. This results in huge time savings given the pre-configured AMIs created by Global Solutions and 1-Click® deployment available in AWS Marketplace.

The mobile framework is also packaged with
pre-configured Android Virtual Device (AVDs)
which help developers test the Applications in the same AMI.

Customers can focus on core work and not worry about the installation and configuration dependencies of mobile framework. Please explore our mobile framework AMIs in AWS Marketplace at The Globalsolutions to:
  • Transform your websites into mobile platforms
  • Test your mobile application using our built-in AVDs
  • Deploy your apps to Android platforms in minutes
  • Pay only 10 cents an hour for the software (the cost excludes all AWS infrastructure costs)

Our offering list on AWS Marketplace


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